Get Wildly Inspired!

Did you know…

Over 12,000 species in North America need proactive conservation efforts and 1,600+ species are already listed as threatened or endangered. Use your voice and your passion to help make a difference! Even small actions you take can yield powerful results. The time to act is now—we need your support!

Make a difference by:

People with placards and posters on a global strike for climate change.

Using Your Voice

  • Write, call, and use social media to urge others to protect wildlife, act on climate, and commit to conservation
  • Share National Wildlife Federation’s work and message on social media using the hashtag #ProtectOurWildNeighbors
  • Build your network and amplify your voice with other young leaders in the EcoLeaders community
  • Register today for the EcoCareers Conference April 6-7, 2022

Using Your Time & Resources

There’s no limit to what you can do!

Donating & Shopping for a Cause

America’s wildlife is awe-inspiring! Work together and act swiftly to save it. There’s no time to waste!

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Thank you for helping to get the word out for National Wildlife Week!