Explore America’s

Big Backyard!

Hey wildlife fans! Learn about our wild neighbors, their habitat and tips on how we can live in harmony together. 

Image of a Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

America’s national bird is back and off the Endangered Species List! Learn more about these magnificent creatures and how we can help make sure they continue to thrive.

Image of a Sea Otter
Pacific Northwest

Sea Otters

One of the cutest wildlife species, these marine mammals on the Pacific Coast hold hands with one another and play an important ecological role in the ocean’s waters.

Image of a Florida panther


These sleek beautiful creatures now number less than 300 in the Florida wild. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, they are doing better but need help—learn how!

Image of a Salamander
New England


These amphibians are related to frogs and toads but look like lizards. Their moist skin absorbs gasses and liquids, and they are considered an indicator species. Find out more!

Image of a Black Bear

Black Bear

Did you know that not all black bears are black? And that they have one of the most sensitive noses in the world? Learn more about their characteristics and habitat!

Image of a Monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Yes, this iconic insect is considered wildlife. Insects like butterflies are wildlife! Monarch butterflies are rapidly disappearing but planting butterfly habitat gardens can help.

Image of a Cougar


Cougars need space to roam and the freeway system near the Santa Monica Mountains has cut into their habitat. Learn how #SaveLACougars aims to help.

Image of a Bison


Once a vital part of Indigenous People’s way of life, the bison’s numbers have long dwindled. Learn how NWF is bringing the bison back through its Tribal Partnership Program.

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, hosted by Peter Gros

Classic episodes, now Remastered!

Since its network television premiere in 1963, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom has brought the world’s most exotic places and creatures into family’s living rooms. The beloved animal and conservation program is back, airing remastered classic episodes on demand.