Man Looking At Bird While Standing Against Mountains

Embrace the Wild Life

From bees and butterflies to bears and beavers, the beauty and diversity of wildlife is all around you! This National Wildlife Week, the National Wildlife Federation is working to show how connecting with wildlife and the outdoors can help children and adults thrive during these unprecedented times.

You can get started by participating in these fun National Wildlife Week activities! 

Take the #MyWildLife Challenge and learn easy ways that you can help wildlife right now. Remember—small acts add up to powerful results.

Let’s have fun and make a difference together!

Show us yourWild Life

Take the #MyWildLife Challenge and upload photos to show us how you unplug, unwind, and experience wildlife and the outdoors. You could win a prize!

Be a voice for wildlife

National Wildlife Week is a time to celebrate our nation’s incredible wildlife. Conserving and protecting wildlife and their habitats not only saves animals and beautiful natural spaces for us to enjoy, it also saves our future. When we save wildlife, we save ourselves. Learn how now!

People with placards and posters on a global strike for climate change.
raise your voice and be heard by reaching out to your elected officials
share your time and contribute to your community
Young woman in a cafe reading a text message from her mobile phone. Chinese female sitting at cafe table with laptop and using smart phone.
donate and shop for a cause to make an impact